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HandsFree Wear: A wrist gesture input method for Android based smartwatches

1. Introduction In this article we will present an Application for interacting with an android wear smartwatch through wrist gestures. As smartwatches are typically worn in the wrist, one would expect a hands-free way of interaction, leaving the other hand free for other activities. Android wear also offers a voice activated interaction, however this wouldn’t… Read More »

WifiTags: An Adobe AIR Native Extension for getting available WiFi networks in Windows and Android Environments

1. Introduction Adobe AIR is by design cross-platform and device-independent, but AIR applications can still access the capabilities and APIs of native platforms through AIR native extensions. A native code implementation provides access to device-specific features, enabling you to use platform-specific features, reuse existing native libraries, and achieve native-level speed for performance-sensitive code. These device-specific… Read More »